Monday, August 22, 2005

WYD Photo Album

Well Children, we are back from World Youth Day. What a marvelous time we had! I now more fully appreciate the sentiments of my late friend, Pope John Paul the Great, when on his deathbed he said regarding the youth, “I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you."

I enjoyed being in my homeland once again, but I am anxious to get back to work on my encyclical. Before I get busy, I thought I would muse a little. My brother George took the time to gather some photos that were taken over the past week and assemble them in a virtual photo album. He then presented me with this most thoughtful gift to have as a keepsake of my very first World Youth Day. I am just so touched by this wonderful and personal gift that I thought I would share it with my St. Blog’s friends.

First, there are a couple of photos taken before we left for our homeland. I am particularly fond of the one with the crucifix.

Here’s one of my big brother. He looks good, which makes me happy. I just thought it was so nice of him to consider how much I would appreciate a picture of him.

Here I am on the airplane. If you are wondering why I look unhappy it is because the stewardess confiscated my Blackberry before the plane even got off.

It was quite breezy when I was getting off the plane. I even lost my zucchetto!

Talk about flattering...they even rolled out a red carpet to match my shoes.

Here I am giving the first speech of my trip.

Well, actually it almost blew away and I had a devil of a time collecting it.

Here I am on the boat passing Cathedral Square.

That blasted wind!

He even found a couple of pictures of the two of us together in our civilian clothes.

George certainly has his appetite back, but I cautioned him about all those carbs.

Ahh… Blessing a beautiful baby who has been suffering so.

Here I am addressing the youth.


Who says I’m not as fun as John Paul II?