Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The assault on dignity

It has become apparent to me that a number of people are somewhat bewildered by the topic of my forthcoming 25th encyclical. Perhaps I should explain how the subject even came to light.

About two weeks ago, when they allowed me to have visitation with Chico, Chico and I were browsing the Internet seeking cat pictures. - BTW, a little side note: the latest Carnival of Cats is up at the Mind of Mog blog. - Anyway, Chico and I were having a grand old time Googling images of various cats. We searched about every kind of cat you can imagine; from Abyssinians to Turkish Vans, we sought them all. At one point Chico was feeling a little frisky, so we even Googled some Sphynx (hairless) cats. Oh what simple pleasures!

Unfortunately, Chico and I experienced evil firsthand. That brush with pure evil is what made me realize how depraved mankind can be and recognize how man sells out his own dignity as well as that of God’s lesser creation. The images that popped up on the monitor were so disturbing that Chico didn’t sleep at all that night. So disturbing they are, that I have to caution you before you proceed any further; that they are not for the faint of heart.

Please do not display the following images while your pets or little ones are in the room. I know how you children think, you are asking, “Papa, if they are so bad, then why are you displaying them?” To that I answer, I trust that you are mature and well enough formed in your faith to deal with such matters. Besides, I figured that if as Catholics we can chop up people’s dead bodies and value the tiniest of pieces, then we should be able to deal with anything in the material world, no matter how unbecoming it may be.

Father Norbert, my resident holy-geek, spent a lot of time setting this post up so that you could click on the thumbnails and have a larger version pop up. However, some relativist at Blogger has made it so we are free to insert any Java script we want, just as long as we are satisfied with it not working. Obviously, he is someone who attends one of those ‘communal penance services’, so popular in many liberal parishes in the USA. Anyway, Father Norbert was instead forced to add (as he put it) ‘cheesy links’ to the larger photos.

First we have an example of man taking morbid delight in the nature of beasts. Oh, that poor little kitty!
Larger image of: Dogfood kitty

Here we have an example of man’s twisted mind attempting to turn nature on its head. Shameful!
Larger image of: I taught I taw a Putty Tat

It just makes me want to ask, "Brother, do you not have anything better to do than think of ways to humiliate God’s fluffy little creatures?"
Larger image of: Immodestly dressed kitties

Oh gluttonous man!
Larger image of: Catfood
Will your perverted appetite ever be satisfied?

Poor baby…the inhumanity of it all!
Larger image of: A tall glass with a nice head

Just look at what an undignified thing man did to this kitty; that look of despair-turning-to-rage just haunts me. I sure hope you children aren’t smiling; that would just be sick!
Larger image of: Undignified grooming

Not one...
Larger image of: Gutter cat 1

but two examples of man poisoning innocent kittens for fun and profit.

Larger image of: Gutter cat 2

Okay children, NO laughing! But just what kind of warped mind would take their God-given artistic talent and use it to exploit God’s innocents?

Admittedly the artist was very clever in creating the flower, but nevertheless it is just seems so evil.

Larger image of: Clown Mass Mascot

Then sometimes you just have to ask in amazement, "what the…?"

Larger image of: Scary cat

Mind you children, that this was just a sample of the horrors that are out there. The dignity of the cat is under full assault and for every exploited kitty out there; there is a man who is falling further and further short of the glory of God. We must pray for them, that they may return to the dignity that our Lord intended for them, and with that, the cute and fuzzy kitties will be truly free.

That is all I have to say on the matter for right now, you can read the rest in Dignitatis Felidae when it is promulgated.