Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good news, bad news

Good day, children. I would like to apologize for not musing lately, but I trust you will understand. This week started out rather rough. Sunday, being my busy day at work, didn’t allow for any musing time. Yesterday, my computer started malfunctioning, so I called one of the holy-geeks, Fr. Norbert, to come fix it. Apparently I had a bunch of ‘spyware’ on my computer, so Fr. Norbert had to take my computer away to fix it and brought in a loaner. He also explained about the browser wars, web standards, operating systems and security issues.

You see, dear children, your Papa was unwittingly operating contrary to the principles laid out in the encyclical by Pope Leo XIII of happy memory, Rerum Novarum. In using the browser that came packaged with my computer’s operating system, I was supporting the efforts of a monopoly bent on dictating the market and denying computer programmers their dignity to create and market superior products that will benefit all of society, especially the poor.

As is so often the case with issues of social injustice, you can find Relativism in operation behind the scenes. Considering the web browser issue, the relativist would say the common good is defined by whoever controls the market. To them, the only operating principle is the power to control, and there are no principles directing the means to gain that control.

The resulting consequences are price gouging, lack of innovation, inconsistently applied standards and their forfeiting of security in order to maintain their dual monopoly in the market place.

For this reason, Fr. Norbert is going to install something called Firefox. He informs me that it will change the way I browse forever. He has also assured me that it is the product of benevolent individuals working for the common good, rather than the fruits of a monopoly or some socialist utopian scheme thought up by some Jesuits.

The good news that I have to report is that they allowed Chico to visit me today. What a joy it is; I graciously thank our Lord for this most wonderful treat. I think Chico is really impressed with the Internet; we spent at least an hour googling images of cats. The loaner that Fr. Norbert left for me to use has one of those cheap little webcam thingies on it; so Chico and I had a videoconference with an admirable and dear Franciscan friend; not to be a namedropper, but his name is Archbishop Chaput.

Chico sure seems to have a flair for the limelight. He was all over the place trying to hog the camera! I thought it was so adorable when Archbishop Chaput stepped out of the camera’s view and Chico tried to follow him off the monitor.

I snapped a picture of my Chico to share with you dear children. Isn’t he lovely? Anyway, I have to go for now; litter box duty, you know. God bless you.