Saturday, September 03, 2005

Busy in the vineyard of the Lord

Good day, children.

What a busy week I’ve had! As always it started out busy. Sunday, being the day of Our Lord, is always busy for His humble priests. Monday, I met with the head of the SSPX and we had a nice little chat. I can’t give you details of what transpired, but I will say that it is my sincere hope that all men will be fully and perfectly united to Christ Our Lord (for you American nuns who suffer from habitphobia, I use the word ‘men’ to mean all people regardless of gender; that use of the word is just a venerable habit…no pun intended).

The remaining time was consumed with writing various letters, planning some curial changes (shhh, we need to keep that between us St. Blog’s parishioners) and praying for my American children who are suffering from the effects of the hurricane, among numerous other pontifical things.

I would say the worst part of my week was granting the rights to my audio to Vatican Radio. You’d think they would be appreciative and just say “thank you” and be on their way, but Nooo - they had to send in an army of lawyers with a truckload of papers for me to sign. I asked, “Isn’t the word of the Holy Roman Pontiff good enough? After all, not to be a namedropper or anything, but it was good enough for Fr. Fessio.” To that one of the lawyers replied, “Papa, it’s good enough for me, it really is, honestly, and I’m not just saying that either; and regardless of me having a closet full of expensive domestic suits to support, who would want to live in a world where the average person had access to the justice system without an expensive middleman?” I started to ask him if he knew what the difference was between a dead snake in the road and a dead lawyer in the road, but I thought it prudent just to pick up my box of pontifical ink pens and start signing and initialing; signing and initialing…you get the idea.

To the point of this post. I dispatched a telegram regarding the horrible natural disaster in the southern United States and I am indeed praying for the victims and those who are assisting them. TTLB is sponsoring a donation drive and we are finding it to be quite successful. God bless you all who have assisted in this venture. There are many blogs participating, and I admit that while considering all of the worthy causes in the world, I wondered whether it would be appropriate for a pontiff to use his blog to solicit help for a particular cause. I considered necessitas non habet legem and figured I could apply it here.

Therefore I am urging all of my children, regardless of their national origin, to do whatever they can to assist those poor afflicted souls who have been hit so hard by the hurricane. Please make a donation to the charity of your choice, and be sure to register it with a supporting blog; that way, the rest of us can witness the effects of the grace of God in action. If you chose to make a donation to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and register it with this humble blog, please feel free to do so. At this time there has been over $580,000 donated through the TTLB drive. You can monitor the donations coming in from here.

Another important thing is that we keep these children in our prayers, because their suffering will continue long after the news reporters disappear. Not to take away from the importance of the corporal works of mercy, but you can sacrifice in other ways as well. One cannot fathom the good derived from offering sacrifices like fasting for a day or abstaining from a daily pleasure.

Thank you and God bless you, children.