Sunday, July 24, 2005

Why blog?

I was asked by a dear friend of mine (not to be a namedropper, but it was Cardinal Arinze), “Holy Father, why would you desire to become one of them? I answered that I don’t want to become one of them, Heaven forbid! I just want to muse - I really, really like the idea of musing. I even like the way the word sounds.

So, I am here to offer the musings of a pontiff. Note: in no way should my musings be construed as ex cathedra pronouncements or official Church teaching. This is a personal interest and off the pontifical record. It’s merely an opportunity for me to take off my miter, kick back, and muse.

For the record, I only muse when I’m off the clock or when things are really slow at the office. Well, sometimes I may neglect my work a little when there is a good combox debate going on, but for the most part it is merely a personal concern.

That being said, you can still call me Papa (I like that). Please link to me so that I can become a higher being in the TTLB Ecosystem. Be sure to stop by my favorite blogs and post a comment. If you don’t mind you can click a Google ad while you’re here. For every 1000 clicks or so Peter’s Pence increases by approximately one Euro.